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Go-Pass (UK) Terms & Conditions.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before you book your lesson.

Your Instructor.

1. Your instructor will make every effort to arrive on time. If they are going to be late, they will do their very best to keep you informed.

2. The interior of the car will be smart, clean and free of unpleasant smells.

3. Your instructor will encourage the pupil to pass the Theory Test within their first 6 weeks or 12 hours of training.

4. After the Theory Test has been passed, the instructor will do their very best to schedule with you, a program of lessons up to a point where the pupil could be of test standard, depending on the pupil keeping to the schedule, and, making the planned progress with their tuition. This is not a commitment that the pupil will be test standard but a guide.

5. Your instructor may from time to time need to refuel, if this occurs, you will be asked to help as part of your training.

6. Your instructor will not shout at you.

The Pupil.

1. All pupils must have a current, valid UK provisional driving licence.

2. Payment is due at the BEGINNING of each lesson.

3. Please ask for details if you wish to pay using a Credit/Debit Card, or, via PayPal

4. Lesson prices may vary from time to time as advertised.

5. The lesson will not go ahead if the driving instructor believes the pupil to be intoxicated, even slightly. This could be related to alcohol, drugs or medicine, and the pupil will be responsible for payment.

6. Appointments cancelled within 36 hours’ notice of the start of the scheduled lesson, will be charged at the full lesson rate. So, please make provision for work schedules and childcare etc. in good time.

7. If the pupil gives 3 cancellations in a 4-week period, your instructor has the right to cancel all agreements, and allocate future bookings to other pupils.

8. The driving instructor is the person who decides if the lesson should start or continue in the event of bad weather.

9. Your lesson will always comply with the Highway Code and UK Law. Therefore - any Penalty Points collected whilst on a driving lesson, or during your Driving Test, are the sole responsibility of you, the learner, (the person driving the car at the time of the offence), by law. However, your instructor will make every effort to ensure that no offences are committed, but this cannot be guaranteed.

10. The use of the schools’ car for taking the driving test will be allowed only when in the considered opinion of the school the pupil has reached the satisfactory standard of the driving test.

11. Test Days are charged at £95.00 to allow for a 1.5 hours’ lesson beforehand, use of the school car for the purpose of the Driving Test, the test time itself, (which will all total to 2.5 hours), plus, comprehensive insurance cover for the purpose of the test.

12. You will not shout at your driving instructor.

13. You will show courtesy to all other road users.

14. Instructors are only authorised to give instruction in school cars.


Thank you.

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