Manual or Automatic Tuition?

Manual cars have a clutch, brake and accelerator. You change gears yourself using the clutch pedal and gear lever. Automatic cars have a brake and accelerator only, no clutch. The car changes gears for you, this makes learning to drive easier and generally means you will reach test standard with fewer driving lessons.

What's the difference then with an Automatic?

Gear changes.

In an automatic car, gears are changed automatically. As the speed increases, the car will automatically change gears up, and as the car
slows down, the gears will automatically change to an appropriate lower gear. You do not have to master the co-ordination of the clutch, gear
lever and accelerator. This makes learning to drive an automatic car easier than a manual.

The Driving Test is the same whether you take it in a manual, or in an automatic car, the only difference is whether you will gain a manual, or an automatic car licence when you pass.


Your Driving Licence.

Automatic Driving Licence.

When you pass your test in an automatic car you are licensed to drive automatic cars only. To drive a manual car you would have to pass
another driving test in a manual car.

Manual Driving Licence.

When you pass your test in a manual car you are licensed to drive both manual and automatic cars.

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