Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about the UK Driving Test.

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  • 1 Q. I have applied for my Provisional Driving Licence but it hasn't come through yet, can l start my lessons anyway?

    A. No. You must have received your Provisional Licence before you are able to start driving on the roads, and your instructor will need to see it, and verify it's validity first.

  • 2 Q. How many hours training will I need to pass my Driving Test?

    A. This will depend entirely on you, your age, whether you have any previous driving experience to build on, how often you are able to take your lessons, how quickly you pick things up, and, whether you manage to take any private practice. As a guide, a new driver may need 40 - 60 hours.

  • 3 Q. Why do I need to take 40 hours training when my parents only needed 20?

    A. The roads today are much more complicated than they were 15 - 20 years ago. There are so many more cars on the roads, more cyclists, other road users in general, and the Driving Test is different now. Things have changed since your parents took their test, the Driving Test today is harder than ever before in order to keep our roads and drivers on them saf

  • 4 Q. Is it true that the examiners can only pass "X" amount of pupils per week?

    A. No! This is just a tale put about by people who do not pass. Rather than admit they made a mistake (or two) they say the examiner HAD to fail them because of quotas. Wrong. If you drive safely and legally, to the required standard, as taught by your instructor, you will pass.

  • 5 Q. I have lost (can't find) my driving licence anywhere, can I still take lessons?

    This question has two answers! Firstly, No. On your FIRST lesson, your instructor needs to see your licence before you can drive on the public roads. This is to satisfy themselves that you are not a banned driver who is not allowed to drive! Secondly, Yes you can. Provided your instructor has already seen and checked the validity of your driving licence, but it has been lost since you showed them. If you have already been issued with a Provisional Licence, you can still take your lessons while you apply for a copy from the DVLA. Also, you cannot take either your Theory Test or your Practical Driving Test without your licence, you will be sent away!

  • 6 Q. Can I wear sunglasses during my Driving Test?

    A. Yes you can. The examiners can always tell when you are checking your mirrors at the correct times, even if you have sunglasses on.

  • 7 Q. Can I have the radio on in the background during my Driving Test?

    A. Yes you can. Just don't have it too loud that you cannot focus on your best driving, and, you need to hear the examiner properly too!