When Do I Take My Theory Test?

When do I take my Theory Test?
As soon as possible.

When should I do my theory test?

As soon as possible is the best answer. You need to take and pass your theory test before you can apply for your practical test, although you can continue learning if you did fail the theory test then you could try again. But at 31.00 a time this could get expensive! You'll need a provisional licence, so make sure you've applied for that and received it back from the DVLA before you book your theory. You need to have turned 17 too, so if you've applied for your provisional licence before your birthday you'll need to wait before tackling the theory test.

Taking Your Theory Test

How do I book a test?

You can book a theory test on the phone by calling 0300 200 1122 but if you prefer, it might be easier to do it online on the DirectGov website, (only use this site, as other websites may charge you a booking fee) this site also has information on how to find your nearest test centre. You should be able to get a test within a couple of weeks or so. If you can't make the date you can change it up to three days before, either online or over the phone. If you're late or fail to turn up you'll lose your fee. Don't forget your provisional licence either!

Here are your nearest Theory Test centres:

Hastings & St Leonards

Philips House

Drury Lane,

Ponswood Ind. Estate,


East Sussex.

TN38 9BA


Senlac House,

53-58 Seaside,


BN22 7NE


1st Floor, Caspian House,

61 East Parade,



What do I need to study to pass?

As a keen learner driver you must read and understand your Highway Code, read and understand the Know your Traffic Signs book and read the Driving Manual in order that you have all the knowledge you need to pass your theory test. But to help you out you'll get a DVD with the confirmation letter for the first theory test you book, offering help on how to pass. There are also lots of books and other resources available to help you swot up. And you can practise the multiple choice section of the test here while many driving schools have simulators on which you can learn the hazard perception skills needed for this section of the theory test.


How does the test work?

Taken in two parts, the first part is a computer-based 50-question multiple choice test on which you need to score at least 43 correct answers. You've got up to 57 minutes to complete this stage and if you're not sure about some of the questions you can 'flag' them and go back to them later. You'll then get a three-minute break before the hazard perception stage. You'll see 14 video clips showing a developing hazard, including one with two developing hazards you need to flag up. You can score up to five marks per hazard and need to get at least 44 out of 75. You'll get your result straight away. You can also practice the Hazard Perception Test by clicking here.

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