Overcoming Those Driving Test Nerves!

Test Nerves

Everyone who takes their test will have those Driving Test Nerves!. Some more than others. Knowing that someone is watching and judging your every move can be pretty scary!

So, here are our top 10 tips for overcoming your driving test nerves and to be able to pass your practical test.

1. Try to be confident.

Remember, your instructor would not have taken put you in for your test if you were not ready for it. You have proven in your training and on your Mock Test(s) that you are ready, so, armed with that knowledge, be sure that you are capable of whatever the examiner asks you to do. Say to yourself, Yep, I can do that! Then go ahead and do it.

Show the examiner, through your driving, that you know the rules of the road and you are safe to be allowed to drive without supervision. Be confident!

2. Remember why you are there.

Why did you start driving lessons in the first place?

For most people it is freedom. The freedom to be able to go where they want when they want, for others it may be to take the kids on days out, it could be to make getting a job easier, remember your reason. One more good, safe drive and the licence is yours!

3. Breathe.

As you are about to start your test, take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Say to yourself, alright, lets do this, I feel good.

Before your manoeuvre, before your emergency stop, before the Independent Drive, again, take a few deep breaths, think about what you are going to do, then do it.

4. Keep quiet about your test.

Tell no-one! Or, only tell those that need to know, then ask them to keep it quiet. The fewer people that know when your test is, the less pressure you will feel on the day. You won't have everyone asking how you're feeling, calling or texting you just before you go, no-one giving you their last minute piece of advice (which isn't always correct!).

Also, if you weren't successful, you won't have to explain to everyone what happened, you just book another one and try again.

Shh! Smiley

5. Think of the test as just another lesson.

Imagine your instructor has gone sick and can't take you for your lesson, but he has found you another instructor who can sit with you for your lesson.

If that were the case, the new instructor wouldn't teach you something new, they would just cover what you already know to give you more practice.

That is really all a Driving Test is.

Your examiner is just sitting with you to observe, to see how you do things. So just do all that you would with your instructor and you should be fine.

6. Remember the examiners job.

Your examiner isn't there to criticise your driving.

They are there as an observer, just to see that you know the rules of the road and are safe enough to hold a full car licence to be allowed to drive on your own. That's it! That's their job.

OK, not every test candidate is successful. So, if for any reason you don't pass, they will tell you why. Listen to those reasons, and have a couple of extra lessons to work on those problems with your instructor, then go along for another try.

7. Get Support

Your family and friends are your biggest source of support. If you are feeling nervous tell them. Ask them to say positive things to you and not to wind you up. Even if they think they are joking, saying the wrong thing can make you feel worse. Make sure they build you up with confidence and positivity.

Also. If you feel you need it, you could try things like Herbal Remedies to help calm the nerves or ask at your local pharmacy for things like Kalms, which aid nervousness, but these may require a couple of days to work.

8. Imagine yourself driving after your test!

Visualise yourself driving your new car. Think what you could be doing once you have passed! How would that feel? Keep that great feeling with you to help you stay positive!

Happy Driver

9. Take your mind of it!

Whist you are in the waiting room waiting for your examiner, take the opportunity to do some breathing exercises, remind yourself it's only a lesson with somebody else. Tell yourself you can do this!

Or if you'd prefer, read a magazine, there are plenty there.

10. Have a good nights sleep.

If you have a good sleep the night before, you will be fresh the next morning and wide awake. You are then ready to drive. If you are tired, you feel lethargic and will worry about the smallest things, which is not good!

Be awake, be alert be fresh!

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