I failed my Driving Test,
what do I do now?

Failing your Driving Test may seem like the end of the world at the time, but it's not. It just feels like it.

There are many reasons why you might fail your Driving Test, which you may or may not agree with, but you must take on board the reasons the examiner gives you so that you can work on those problems with your instructor in the time you are waiting to re-take it.

Here, we are laying out a few tips to help you to get that pass the next time you take it.

1. Go through your previous test report with your instructor.

Don't get home after you failed your Driving Test and tear up your test report! It has all the information on it you need to help you with your next Driving Test.

Show this to your instructor on your next lesson and they will go through any mistakes, serious or otherwise, with you and explain why it was a problem, and help you resolve the issue for next time.

Also, on the back, it explains what the examiner is looking for during your Driving Test.

2. Book another test.

Don't leave it too long to re-book your next test. Your instructor will advise you of when to book another test. Ensure you get some training in to work on the problem(s) you had this time round, but don't wait too long. You are at test standard now, don't go off the boil and lose confidence, get straight back in for another test.

3. Look out for a cancellation.

Sometimes, the waiting list for a Driving Test can be a long one. If this is the case, take the earliest available date you can, even if it is a long way off, then, every day, check online to see if there are any cancellations so you won't have to wait as long. Check with your instructor first though, as they may not be available at the new time!


4. Keep it quiet!

When you have booked your next Driving Test, try not to tell anyone - who doesn't need to know - when it is. Keep it a secret. The less people that know, the less pressure you will feel. Simply surprise them by letting them know when you have passed!

5. Stay calm and think positive.

Remaining calm is key. Try to treat the Driving Test as just another lesson, but with a different instructor. When the examiner asks you to do something, just think to yourself, "Yes, I can do this". You can, you've practised it many times, so when you're ready, just do as you've been doing during your training.

6. Take another Mock Test.

The more you feel comfortable under test conditions, the better you will feel on the day. Make sure you know how to correct a mistake, if one occurs, without seeking advice. Examiners prefer to see safe corrections, if needed, not starting all over again.

7. Take your Instructor with you.

By taking your instructor with you, you will have the comfort of knowing that there is someone in the car you know. It's not just you and a stranger. This should help to put you at ease and help you to relax.

Of course, if for any reason you were not successful, they will have seen what happened and can explain it to you from both your point of view and the examiners', too.

8. Remember, its not easy!

Not everyone passes first time. You may not get want you went for, a Pass Certificate. If you don't, it just means that there are things you need you work on a little more in order to be safe on the roads. Just because you may not have passed, doesn't mean you cant drive. A few further lessons working on the issues with your instructor will make you a safer driver. We all want you to be safe when you drive alone.

It wouldn't be a Test if it was easy!

Take the time to look through this following list to see which one(s) you can identify with to help you to decide where you feel you may need to focus more of your training before you go ahead and take your test.

Top Ten Reasons for Failing the Driving Test.

Ensure that you are completely ready for your driving test. Make sure that you consult with your instructor before you go ahead and book it.

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